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Do These 3 Things for Yourself

I’m normally all about positivity and even uplifting others but not every morning I wake up on the right edge of the bed. I don’t always feel the rush of creative energy. The motivation doesn’t always wait around. On such days, here are three things that you can do:

Say no to any negative thoughts that creep into your mind. 

If you ever raised a child, you probably know that saying things like, “Don’t touch that vase.”, will make him do exactly that, touch the vase. Our brain is namely made in a way that does not perceive negations at all. So, if I say, “Let’s not eat chocolate after lunch today.”, all we’ve probably want to do after lunch will be indulging in a piece of milky treat. Also, don’t beat yourself down. You’re one beautiful person and realizing that can give you the little bit of confidence that is missing from you going after your dreams instead of sleeping on the couch for yet another day (Though the idea of doing so is also tempting from time to time.).

Tackle things. 

Sure, take small steps, but start getting them out of the way one by one. I’m sure we all have lists of things that we want to accomplish. When it seems you don’t have anything else to do, resort to that list. There might be a thing or two that you can cross off. It’s not only with things you want to accomplish. The same goes for your wishes. Doing something will signal your brain that the ball is rolling, and it will make you feel all that much better.

Take time to yourself.

Maybe it’s an extra five minutes in the shower in the morning. Maybe it’s applying a product that will keep your skin hydrated. However, it all starts with getting a good night’s sleep. For me, the day actually starts with the pre-bed routine the day before – taking a shower or a bath, adding hydrating cremes to my skin, and going to bed with lights dim and a pleasant scent

Preferably, reading a couple of pages out of a book and staying away from electronics will do. I know, even for me, it doesn’t always happen that way, but this is always the goal. It prepares me to wake up fresh early the next morning and start tackling things from the get-go. Well, I’m lying again, after my calming green tea morning routine that is.

Before anybody else, you should be your number one supporter and cheerleader. The things that you do should make you feel worthy of the success that you’re after.

Loving life also comes with kindness to yourself.

Things are easy when you have exciting activities planned or you’re somewhere on the road. The above three things will, however, make you get successful and thriving throughout the day when things are not easy and all that exciting. So, shape them in the way to be such. Look yourself straight in the eye and make the best of what you’ve got, if not more. Always love yourself.

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