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Why High Waist Capris May Be the Best Pants for Yoga

Serious yogis want to ensure that they have the very best materials at their disposal each time they step on the mat. The first step towards a better practice could be as simple as selecting an outfit that suits the occasion. Lately, yogis are flocking to the high waist Capri leggings that fill store shelves because of the significant benefits they offer to their practice.

What do all high-waist capris have in common that can be beneficial for your yoga practice?

First, the shorter length ensures that you will be able to have a firm footing in each and every pose throughout your practice. Pants that reach the floor can sometimes find their ways around the back of your ankle, lessening your skin’s natural ability to grip the mat. If your foot ends up wrapped in spandex fabric and pressed firmly into the mat, you may experience some slipping that could ultimately be dangerous for your muscles.

Second, the high-waist capris give you added protection when you move into more exposing poses such as inversions. Many yogis pause to tuck shirts into waistbands prior to a forearm stand or handstand when taking a studio class. This extra step is virtually unnecessary with high-waist capris because the coverage provided by the pants isn’t likely to slip during your time with your heart above your head.

Inversions aren’t the only positions that can benefit from leggings with a higher waist. Any type of forward bend – whether it’s seated, standing, or a simple posture like the downward-facing dog – can benefit from the extra fabric around your torso. You won’t have to worry about showing your undergarments (or lack thereof) to the student behind you when wearing pants that offer a greater degree of protection, such as high-waist capris.

Confidence and comfort in the average movements throughout your practice can give you the confidence you need to remain upside down for longer and with less worry. Your mind can focus on your intention instead of your outfit faux pas.

Not only does the high-waist aspect of yoga leggings protect you from wandering eyes in precarious poses, but it can give you greater confidence even in standing poses. Many of the high-waist capris available on today’s market, including those from 90 Degree by Reflex, offer built-in shapewear. This feature gives you more tummy control to make your figure appear slimmer, taking away some of the concern for your outward appearance during practice.

Because these pants fit more snugly around the abdomen, high-waist capris can also actively remind you to engage your core muscles with each transition. Engaging the correct muscle groups helps to protect the back muscles and spine for a healthier long-term practice.

High-waist capris offer a number of benefits to your practice, ranging from comfort to confidence to a more secure footing on the mat. There’s a clear reason that yogis are loving this addition to their workout apparel.

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